Fees are charged for booked sessions.  If your child is absent due to illness or holidays, fees are still payable.  If your booked session falls on a Public Holiday fee's are still charged.

Fees are not charged when the Centre is closed over the Christmas closure.

Payment can be made by Direct Debit through PayChoice or Eftpos in the office. Cash payments are not accepted.   

Children who use the Centre on an occasional basis must have their fees paid for prior to parents leaving them for the day.

A once off administration fee of $30.00 per child is charged upon enrolment. The administration fee is charged to your account after enrolment. The fee covers: paper billing, processing data and enrolments including connection with Family Assistant Office, JET Administration and Calculation, Child Care Benefit Processing and Individual Child Portfolios setup via KidsXap.

Fees and Charges

The Service has the following Charges:

Tiny Treasures (0-2years) - $100.00 per day

Royal Rubies (2-3 years) - $95.00 per day

Gifted Gems (3-5 years) - $90.00 per day

Half-Day Session - $65.00 morning or afternoon (all ages)

Short Day Session (9am-3pm) - $80.00 all ages

Before & After School Sessions (7-9am) $25.00 per session, (3-6pm) $35.00 per session

$30.00 once off Administration Fee

$5.00 weekly late fee on overdue accounts

$1.00 per minute late collection fee (we close at 6pm)

Fees are payable for every day that your child is enrolled.

Fees are payable for Public holidays, Sick days and Holidays.

No fee is charged when the Centre is closed.

Statements are emailed to you every Friday prior to your child’s attendance for that coming week.

Fees must be paid in full during the week they are for, your balance must remain at zero (0) by 5pm on Friday to avoid paying the $5.00 late fee.