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Tiny Treasures 0 - 24 months

Infants are unique and have their own patterns for play, eating and sleeping. At Kingdom Kare all our infants are given extra special attention.

Our educators will use your infant’s individual routines as a guide to introducing daily activities that will spark their interest and promote healthy brain development, basic cognitive and social skills. 

Every activity carried out with our infants is designed to develop their physical strength and their hand-eye coordination; develop their senses and spatial orientation; develop skills in an environment rich with sights and sounds; and encourage social-emotional interaction which helps to develop their communication skills.

A great deal of attention is placed on our programs for our Tiny Treasures but our number one priority is making sure they are happy, nurtured and content. Regular communication with parents is the key and we will always keep you informed about the progress of your child’s day.


Royal Rubies 2-3 years

With increased mobility comes increased curiosity for their world. At Kingdom Kare we understand our toddlers needs and program accordingly. 

Our programs for Toddlers teach the value of sharing and cooperation through group play. They are encouraged to develop friendships and gain confidence as they interact with others, and we aim to identify and encourage every child’s own unique set of skills and interests. Childcare at this age is a perfect way to develop your child’s social skills and encourage them to play with others. 

Our toddlers learn through play with focus areas of dramatic play, creative arts, language and sensory exploration, fine motor, gross motor development and social skills.  


We monitor their progress via observation based assessments and it is always a delight to witness their rapidly developing skills, physical abilities and personalities.

This is an important time in your child’s life and regular communication with every parent is maintained to keep you informed about the progress of your child’s day.


Gifted Gems 3-6 years

Between the ages of three and five, your child needs new challenges as their coordination and confidence grows. They are interacting more with others and are willing to learn complex games so Kingdom Kare has tailored a educational program to specifically meet these growing needs.

The curriculum is organised to develop their skills and incorporates language, maths, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development. Each day has more structure and routine, and every child’s progress is monitored by observation-based assessment.

The children become used to sitting at a table and concentrating for longer periods of time.

Via your child's electronic KidsXap portfolio photographs capture their unique creativity and expression whilst regular communication with every parent is maintained, keeping you informed about the progress of your child’s day.


Preparation for Formal Schooling

The preschool years are a time when children begin to develop a keen understanding of themselves and have heightened awareness of the world around them.

Our program provides opportunities for children to demonstrate and practice decision-making and self-help skills in a safe supportive environment. It will help your child transition into primary school environment with confidence, enthusiasm and a strong foundation for learning.

Our program focuses on:

  • Reading and language

  • Social and emotional development

  • Creativity and imagination

Children in this age range are ready to develop a whole new range of independence, social and pre literacy and numeracy skills. We offer a specialized preschool program and have developed a transition to school program which ensures that your child is ready for the next exciting step in his/her development.


Kingdom Kare Kitchen


All our meals are prepared and cooked in our Audited Kitchen.

We are Allergy aware (Gluten Free and Dairy Free) and cater to allergy and intolerances.

9.30 am: Morning Tea is generally a selection of fruits and a glass of milk

11.30 am: Lunch usually a hot homestyle meal with cheese and apple for teeth

3pm: Afternoon Tea is generally fruit with a biscuit, muffin, or crackers

5pm is a late snack

Following the National Guidelines from Eating Healthy in Childcare.

Over a fortnight the children are Served:

  • 4 serves of red meat,

  • 2 serves of Pork or poultry,

  • 1-2 serves of Fish

  • 1 Vegetarian meal


Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor environment has been designed with children’s development in mind:

  • Gross motor (running, jumping, climbing, bike riding, heavy work, balls games),

  • Social development (sharing, working together, collaborative play),

  • Language (talking as the children play, dramatic story telling and games, directions with sport)

  • Creative/Dramatic Play (kitchen role play in the mud kitchen, games and role play throughout the yard)

  • Environmental/Sustainability concepts (garden, water play, sun smart)



We like to explore our community. We like to go on Nature Walks and explore the bushland near KK.

Jane's house is also 300 meters away (a short walk) from KK and with a lot of space to explore as well as a Shed that is being developed for the Children to explore equipment that may not necessarily be appropriate for the younger children. Tools, a Ping Pong Table, Sporting Equipment to be able to play soccer and Football games, a Climbing Wall, Farm Yard Animals (Ducks and Geese), visiting Kangaroos, tree’s and puddles,

Kingdom Kare has a wonderful clean back yard but we want the kids to also be exposed to NATURE PLAY!




Sometimes we have visitors come and talk to us at Kingdom Kare.

Some of our Visitors in 2018 were:

Fire Brigade

St John Ambulance



WA Ballet

Damien Yarran for Noongar Cultural Dance.


Celebrations & Events


Celebrate Let’s have some fun!

At Kingdom Kare we like to celebrate special occasions, each year we celebrate:

Our Birthday on the 25th September

Aboriginal Children’s Day 4th August

NAIDOC in July

Christmas with a end of year party with all our families at the Beginning of December

Children’s Birthdays

Educator’s Birthdays


Happy Feet


Helping children learn, laugh and grow in confidence

Happy Feet Fitness is Australia’s largest children’s fitness and entertainment program. From the onset, we have aspired to be much more than just leading specialists in play-based learning – our goal is to inspire and encourage children to make healthy choices in every aspect of their lives. This is because children and fitness go hand-in-hand, grooming them into being more confident and well-rounded individuals for the future


Our Educators