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Your child’s learning environment

Finding a new child care centre for your child can be a daunting task,
our hope is to make it as easy as possible.

Here at Kingdom Kare we provide children with a sense of belonging through promoting a safe, secure and supportive environment where they are encouraged to be confident and knowledgeable resilient lifelong learners.

At Kingdom Kare we believe children are incredibly capable and imaginative individuals with an amazing set of abilities and skills.  Through positive learning environments based upon the principle of learning through play, our educators are providing individual holistic scaffolding for these skills and abilities to develop through constructive social interactions that work in harmony with the needs of the child and their family.

We strongly feel that through our relationship with our families and links into the wider community we promote and support an environment of cultural respect and understanding.


Kingdom Kare’s aboriginal shirt design


Aboriginal Art tells a story though symbols, we have created Kingdom Kare’s story through the following symbols:

CIRCLES represent meeting place. We have three circles representing out three rooms; Tiny Treasures, Royal Rubies and Gifted Gems.

LINES connecting circles represent the path as a child develops and moves up into the next room.

CIRCLES WITHIN CIRCLES The inner circle represents the child, the middle circle the family and the outer circle the community. 


WAVE shape represents the coastline we live in here in the Great Southern.

RAINBOW DOTS represent the Rainbow Coast.

MENANG BOODJA Menang is the Albany tribal area. Boodja means country. Menang Boodja is Albany country.

DJINANGING KAARTIDIJIN means Knowledge and Understanding. 

Dot painting was introduced to Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory in 1971 although not “traditional” it is still recognised internationally to relate to Australian Aboriginal Art. Traditionally, Aboriginals used symbols to depict their stories.